Partners form the core of Founder Centric. All entrepreneurs themselves, they interact with Startups, Accelerators, and University on a daily basis.

Rob has successfully bankrupted three tech companies, is a YCombinator alum, has built products used globally by brands like MTV & Sony, and has raised funding in the US & UK. He is author of The Mom Test, a handbook on how to learn from customers when everyone is lying to you.


Salim founded 5 startups, his early successes ironically funding his later failures. He founded Leancamp, which connected Lean Startup, UX and business models; and now runs across two continents. He founded Village Accelerator, a programme that empowers some of the world's poorest tech founders. He has directed projects for Alex Osterwalder (Business Model Canvas), Nestle and JWT, and lectured at UCL and Oxford. He's also handsome.


Devin Hunt is a designer, entrepreneur and educator who has founded two tech companies; the most recent being Lyst. He is a YCombinator alum and has previously created award-winning products for a variety of brands including Vice Magazine, Disney Imagineering, and BERG.