We are Founder Centric. We design and teach top tier startup education. We help some amazing organizations like Oxford University and Seedcamp, and share our approach openly.

The tools

We're always looking for the best ways to enable better entrepreneurship.

What we teach

Who we work with

Tech City's Digital Business Academy

We were invited to a joint venture with Cambridge University, UCL, and TechCity, to enable as many people as possible to acquire skills in business, digital technologies and entrepreneurship. We created 3 of 8 of the online courses, covering product development and marketing. The course received rave reviews from the Financial Times, ITV, and The Guardian and was endorsed by the the BBC, and UKs top universities, accelerators and marketing agencies.

University of Oxford

We designed the new entrepreneurship course for Oxford's MBA program and recently helped deliver the first iteration to 260 students. It’s a 2-week intensive taught between semesters by a combination of academics and practitioners that puts students through the full cycle of validating a business idea, collecting market evidence, and preparing to pitch.

International Telecom Union

We were invited to Costa Rica by the International Telecom Union (a UN special agency) to deliver a digital entrepreneurship bootcamp to 500 youths from 30 countries. We built a practical program to provide key skills and help the youths take their first concrete steps to launching a digital business. We received top reviews and have now successfully delivered the second iteration at the UN headquarters in New York.


We spent 4 weeks with Free:Formers, working with their trainers and business team to develop their new Digital Innovation workshops targeting both business executives and disadvantaged youths. It’s a pragmatic course focused on using the most powerful and practical digital tools for launching new ideas.

University College London

We designed and helped teach the new 12-week course for UCL’s MSc Tech Entrepreneurship: a project-based, hands-on intensive which gets students building and launching products ranging from affiliate marketing to drop-shipping and mobile apps. It was a big success and is entering its 2nd year as core curriculum.